Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Prevent Travel Acne

Going away for more than a couple of days? No worries, you can now bring your beauty essentials with you. Thanks to the new Proactiv Solution 15-Day Maintenance Kit.

I used to bring my 4-liter Megabox during my travel escapades and it contains all of my beauty essentials and toiletries, including my facial wash, facial toner, moisturizer, and creams and topical applications for my face and body. I bring everything - and they are all full-sized so you can just imagine the trouble and hassle of having to bring all of these heavy and bulky pieces. And because they are full-sized, I cannot place them inside my hand-carried baggage so it's a must to have it checked in in airports. This is a hassle especially since the trend now for travelers is to go backpacking and to bring just the essentials.

Exploring new places should not mean that you have to leave your beauty kit behind. Now, we can conveniently bring our acne defense system with us wherever and whenever we are in the mood to aboard a bus, train, or plane. The Proactive 15 Day Maintenance Kit is perfect for travel! It's not only handy, it is composed of your complete 3-Step Acne Treatment System: Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and Repairing Treatment - in three 1-oz. take-aboard bottles. It also comes with a Free Refining Mask, compact and easy to carry with in a Free Pouch! The pouch is small enough to fit in your backpack or gym bag. So you have no reason not to be beautiful anytime, anywhere!

How Proactiv Works Using Proactiv twice a day is the best way to clear your acne. It intervenes the buildup of the acne cycle by killing acne-causing bacteria and removing excess oils. It also helps in reducing swelling and redness of your existing pimples and exfoliates the skin to remove the dead-skin cells to prevent pores from being clogged.

If you remember my post last December about my sister receiving a Proactiv Kit from me for Christmas, I have an update for you! But that deserves a separate post. In the mean time, you can check out http://my.proactiv.com.ph/ if you wish to know more about Proactiv Products. 

Proactiv Solution 15-Day Maintenance Kit sells for P1,650.00 only. It is available through the Proactiv website and selected Watsons and SM Department Stores nationwide.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Saved by Swish Icy Choco Mint - My Fave Travel Partner

Are you looking for a mouthwash that doesn't sting?

Ever since I was introduced to mouthwashes, I have always diluted then with water. The fact that we're supposed to use it as is is uncomfortable for me because most mouthwashes that I have tried sting my tongue. There are a few unflavored (no mint) mouthwash that I have tried, too, but I just don't like the feeling of gargling something which is just like water.

On my recent trip to Manila, my flight was scheduled on a Friday night, 9PM. My plane was delayed and it was a hassle. I arrived in Manila at 12:30AM and I really need to freshen up because beau would be picking me up at the airport. The wee hours of dawn is definitely not a good time for makeup and I only had one thing on my bag that I would know would perk me up and freshen me up...... Presenting SWISH ICY CHOCO MINT!

So I only need less than a minute to feel fresh and beautiful. Beau greeted me with a kiss and I am confident about being kissed on that very moment, thanks to Swish!

Touring Manila was another challenge for me because I'm not really a fan of the place. Beau loves to use the train for faster commuting and I don't want to start a debate about it because I don't want to get stuck in traffic. Good thing I have Swish with me to keep me fresh and cool all day. And, even after a long day of walking, I still feel confident and fresh. Here's a snapshot we got at SM Manila....

What else do I like about this mouthwash?

Ever since I knew that I was allergic to chocolate, I was fighting day in and out for a taste of that sweet heaven. But I know the consequences so I try myself to avoid chocolates at all times. What a surprise that Swish sent me samples of their new chocolate-flavored mouthwash! I sure hoped it would be an alternative to real chocolates, I only need to use this mouthwash to satiate my cravings!

On a serious note, I love how I can use this mouthwash and gargle for half a minute without having any troubles dealing with sting. This does not sting at all. It has the mint flavor and a hint of chocolate (which I love!) and it cleans my mouth well without the annoying effect on my tongue. I don't have to dilute this with water, I don't have to rinse it off with water. This is how a mouthwash should be!

I've learned that the Icy Choco Mint Mouthwash is within the GENTLE MINT category of Swish Mouthwashes. Swish has a variety of mouthwashes from gentle mint, mild mint, strong mint, super strong mint, and intensely strong mint.

With Swish, you can be assured to have fresh breath all day! You can use Swish Mouthwash at home or inside the bathroom. Swish also comes in a variety of sizes and pocket-sized mouthwashes are perfect for your small bags or pouches. And don't forget that you can also get the very convenient Swish Breath Spray for your on the go moments. Swish Mouthwashes are powered by Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis. Plus, it's Alcohol Free - it's safe to use everyday!

Thank you, Unilab, for giving me the perfect mouthwash. I would definitely recommend this to everybody. This is my most favorite mouthwash today. This helps me a lot when I wish to eliminate the after taste of food and also helps me with oral hygiene, keeping bad breath out and protecting me from plaque and gingivitis.

Next time, I will be reviewing Swish's Mangosteen Mint Mouthwash. But for now, I'm enjoying this Icy Choco Mint - the best mouthwash, ever!

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