Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Expand Your Commitment to Living a Healthy, Natural Lifestyle

Joining in with the trend toward living a healthy, natural lifestyle may have led you toward healthier eating habits and into the habit of selecting greener products for your home. Those are beneficial habits to develop, but there's more you can do. 

Sometimes, it's easy to overlook some of the simplest ways to live a healthy lifestyle. For example, have you considered the perfume you wear? Is it alcohol-free? Did you know that you can find an amazing array of fragrant perfumes that are alcohol-free and actually good for skin? If not, you should check out a site such as HouseofRose.com to discover the aromatic delights you have been depriving yourself of enjoying.

Once you begin exploring these natural fragrances, you may not be able to decide which fragrance you are most attracted to. To help you decide, you can read the helpful, detailed description of the aromas that are available. As you read, pay attention to the descriptions that revive pleasant memories or stir your emotions. Those are the scents you may want to try first.

When you begin exploring natural perfumes, you may think they are more pricey than the perfume you currently buy. However, as you gain more knowledge of these natural scents, you will notice that alcohol-free perfumes don't evaporate. The perfume and the duration of the scent once you put the perfume on lasts longer than perfumes with alcohol. When you consider that fact, you get a better perspective of the value of natural perfumes.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Panic Buying | Big Davao Fun Sale

The last day of the Big Davao Fun Sale was BIG IN FUN, at least for me. I was really busy the past month and I have not really gone shopping and it was a surprise that I was at Abreeza Mall (for a meeting) last April 16. It was the last day of the sale and while I was waiting for my client, I chanced upon a few minutes to sneak up what's available at Payless.

I have no intention to buy shoes, but ended up buying 6 pairs!

Fioni for Payless

And yes, almost all pairs are in pink, we'll be using them later this year for a big event. I might have bought these shoes on impulse but I don't regret it. They're so affordable! The 6 pairs that I bought is even cheaper than my pair of Bandolino shoes. I was in a shopping frenzy and I loved it! Good thing my sisters loved the shoes, and I got them the correct size, too. (--,)

Thank you, Payless, for participating in the Big Davao Fun Sale. I sure had some big fun!
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