Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Sappe Beauti Drink

Beauty in a bottle?

Sappe Beauti Drink claims to be the beauty you can drink. It has enough loads of fibre and this is a really popular beauty drink in Thailand. I am not so sure about beauty drinks but it has given me enough curiosity to give it a try. I got a free sample from SampleRoom.ph. Here are the product claims:

Product Highlights: Functional and tasty citrus flavor drink with 8,000mg of Fiber plus L-Carnitine to help maintain good figure and weight by promoting better digestion. No laxative or sugar added.

Product Benefits: Fiber helps the digestive system to work efficiently and prevent intestinal cancer while l-carnitine helps promote fat metabolism and a good substance for intake during diet and exercise programs.

Full size: 360ml
Price: PHP 35

From the label alone, 1 bottle of Sappe Beauti Drink will already give you a lot of fibre. But according to an Institute of Medicine, women need 25 grams and men need 38 grams of fiber per day. This means that drinking 3 bottles of Sappe Beauti Drink will give you your recommended daily fiber intake for just around P100.00.

When I tried this product, I expected that this would work as a laxative, although the product label says that there is no laxative added. When I was young, I learned that fiber acts like a broomstick in our body, sweeping away all the toxins as it moves through the digestive tract. And I've also learned that eating high-fiber foods is good for the colon.

I drank the whole bottle before sleeping and after I had a big meal. The taste is pleasant, sweet, and citrusy. I wonder where the sweetness was from since the label also says it had no sugar added. When morning came, my stomach was rumbling, and I did not really like to wake up with that so I headed straight to the comfort room. So this thing works!

Personally, I like this product but I won't be drinking this regularly. I would recommend this if you had a big meaty meal and would highly recommend this as a staple during Christmas season where the taste lechon is almost always served during the holiday parties.


  1. Have not seen this product yet in Philippine markets.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  2. Very good product i really like it thanks for share it.


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